Top 10s

10 Things I learned in my 30s

  1. No one will love you like you love your self.
  2. In every pain, there’s a purpose being birthed.
  3. The goal in everything should be about quality and not quantity.
  4. Time does not heal ALL things– it allows you to live pass the moment so that life can heal it.
  5. Everything in life that is meant will happen with or without any help from you.
  6. Any love that does not continue was probably flawed in the first place. (Bishop TD Jakes)
  7. There’s always an opportunity for growth with every failure.
  8. What ever you are practicing today will yield your tomorrow.
  9. You can not solve a problem on the same level it was created. (Albert Einstein)
  10. All that matters in the end is that you loved.


Top 10 Mistakes of my 20s

  1. Making decisions out of emotions.
  2. Trying to convince someone to stay when they want to leave.
  3. Convincing myself that he will see my love for him and it will make him love me back.
  4. Not understanding the value of credit scores.
  5. Chased after quantity versus quality. (staying in a relationship because of the time invested versus the quality of a relationship)
  6. Being too prideful to ask for help.
  7. Allowing others to determine my worth.
  8. Having so much faith and positive thinking for others but no words of encouragement for myself.
  9. Settled for less because I was lonely.
  10. Didn’t start saving for retirement.

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