Introduction to the Madness

IMG_2448[1]Morning everyone,

I must admit… my computer illiteracy has played a huge role on my procrastination of creating a blog but I am glad to announce that although I’m still googling and asking simple questions on how to create a new post or to customize my blog site– I AM EXCITED ABOUT THE “PROCESS”.

I wanted to create this blog because there’s so many young adult struggling to understand a simple process called “life”. When we think of life we think of being alive– breathing and moving every day. The reality is, life is so much more than a heart beat or breathing. It’s the process of surviving. Every era of our life is designed to prepare us for the next era. A newborn only job in life is to breath, eat, and poop. We don’t require them to do anything else. We provide them with everything. I believe its vital to look at every stage of life to understand “purpose”. A newborn is completely helpless and selfish. They can’t do anything to support their life requirements but they will cry and demand what we should know that they need. I think it’s designed that way because the baby is trying to adapt to life outside the womb. Instead of being in a warm, confined, and safe environment, the baby is now experiencing new things such as isolation, sound, air, hunger, a wet diaper etc. If you watch a newborn, it always feel safe in their mom’s arms, it’s not the same as the womb but its close enough for comfort. Now, you take the newborn and place them in the crib with life sounds and noises in the background, they will not feel comfort and most likely that baby is going to cry. A new-born has to get use to the environment– the sense of touch, sound, and smells are all important. It’s a job in its self being submerged in a loud and cold environment called life. Once the newborn grows, gain weight, and muscle mass they start to move, taking on all the senses of life. You will never see a new born come out walking because life is a process. There are stages you have to master so you can be strengthened for the next stage of life.

It’s the same thing with adult hood. There are experiences you have to embrace and understand so that it can contribute to the process of drawing life’s impressions. I believe adult hood is becoming more challenging because of the rapid innovations of technology and the economy. Everything is on  “microwave” timing. WE WANT QUICK RESULTS. We cant wait to turn 18 y.o. so we can be “Adults”. Then, we cant wait to turn 21 y.o. so we can be “Legal Adults”.  Then when you actually understand that the entire glam of adulthood was a complete “lie”, you start to dread getting older because you’re trying to master the current year.

I believe there’s so many young AND old adults failing at life because they are not understanding the process. What do we suppose to be gaining from our 20s? What’s the purpose of our 30s? I can admit: I HAVE FAILED IN A LOT OF AREAS! But the difference between me and a “Failure” is I’m hoping to share my life frustrations and research to help the next person. And I’m hoping that you will do same, respond to the post and help me survive this thing called life. Although I am the creator of this post– I hope not to be the only writer.

I have journals of my life journey and look forward to sharing clips of my life pains and joys. I have experienced some low times when I tried to google questions such as “How long does this last???” or ” Is it normal to hurt this bad?”. Well, I have all the research and now the platform to share it. Life is not all about the struggle of surviving, but it’s also about embracing the joys and blessings in life. The joy and blessing in surviving especially if it made you a better person than you were yesterday. I hope to be able to communicate the thoughts and experiences I have trapped in my mind and heart. But with the grace of God, He will help me.