Hi!!! My name is D and I am very excited about this new blog. I’m not sure if I am the only one trying to¬† figure out “life” by trials and errors but I thought that if there’s others out there that’s wanting to share life lessons, then this would be a great platform.

I have been journaling for years. I believe I started because I had a fear of expressing my true thoughts to people in fear that they would judge or they wouldn’t clearly understand what I was trying to tell them. Communication has not been one of my strong qualities growing up. If I was extremely uncomfortable–my words would reverse and sometimes the wrong words would come out. So I turned to journaling–trying to capture or outline what I am going to say when the conversation arrives. Journaling tuned into posts on Facebook and now I have blog.

The purpose of the blog is to open the platform so I can share my thoughts and others thoughts.

Disclaimer: I am still trying to figure out life– the only thing that I am an expert at is knowing that I am a working progress. DB