Different Shades of Love

A mother’s love looks different from a father’s love. A sister’s love looks different from a brother’s love. Love has so many shades of delivery. You may choose to deliver your love gentle with nourishment, with softness that calms the seas. Others may choose to deliver their love harshly and aggressively with correction and force. Neither way is right or wrong. Water does not flow the same way if it’s poured from different containers. Every thing needs water to survive, the same with love. We capture the image of how love should look, but no one has captured such a perfect image of love because it comes in so many different shades. Just as there are hundreds of different colors, there’s even more different ways to show love. Some believe the expression of it is important. Others believe that the presence of it is all that matters. Again, it all depend on the person that the love is being poured in. Just as water, it has the ability to hit every surface no matter of the delivery.


True Purity of Love

When you think time will help you heal, you are minded by your thoughts that you will have to make a cognitive effort to heal. Though it hurts for a moment, it will get better, it will eventually hurt less, it will eventually bring forth wisdom.

When you realize that this life is so much bigger than the world you are playing in your head, you understand everything is temporary: life is temporary, pain and happiness all will go through their cycles. All will help mold your thoughts, they will mold your personality, but most importantly they will mold what you are willing to endure and fight for. Love….

Every day is a battle to fight for love instead of hate. All the pains of life hunts you with the intentions to weaken you. To try to make you loose hope in the purity of love. The resentment of circumstances try to stain the beauty of life. The beauty of hope. The beauty of love….

Once you get to that defining moment of surrendering, that moment you fully understand the work of love, you understand your need for the pain so that you can know what you’re fighting for…. Love.

The love you fight for may be the protection and safety of an innocent child.  The love you fight for may even be to provide comfort and security to a parent. The love you fight for may be the hope and fight for life in a weary soul. The love you fight for may be to eradicate hate and violence from your life. The love you fight for may be the love of a man that never knew love as a child.

The love I fight for is to fill the emptiness in my heart, that I know do not belong. The love I fight for is the Love of God.