Loving someone pass yourself….

A mother puts her child before herself. A husband puts his wife before himself. A father will sacrifice himself for his children… could this be the reason why God came to earth as Man and willing allowed us to crucify him.

I think we are built to receive love, to hold love, so we can inevitable redistribute love to other forms of matter– if its humans, animals, plants, or to pour it in music, art or maybe dance.

Is the point of this earthly life to live “through” love no matter how much life may hurt. Choosing to love pass our limits.

Does that mean we are will get angry but be angry with the presence of love still there? Doesn’t it say, Love never fails? It never fades nor ends… If we live by this measure then would we not lash out as harshly as we do? Will we not be quick to end things? Or would we love the person enough to make the best decision for them even if they can’t see the reasoning. Again, choosing to love pass our limits.

At some point, you will eventually  love something or someone more than yourself… the question is, would you choose love over self? Would you choose loving pass all limits?