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What is faith? Can I see it? Perhaps touch it? Can I hold it in my hands? I don’t know about you, but I am in dire need to know how does faith suppose to look. Am I having faith? Is this how it suppose to be? Am I doing thing right?

I hear it is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen.

It is the step forward not knowing if your foot will land on solid ground or perhaps quick sand.

What is faith? I’ll tell you what it is, it is the movement forward, without knowing a definite vision or any of the details. It is in that movement that assurance forms on the inside that says yes… yes, this is the right direction. This is the right path to go.

What is faith? It is the desire and passion that is fueled by an infinite power that you can’t always quit understand. But there is submission to this power, to be open and vulnerable to the direction and correction of this immeasurable power.

What is faith? It is that aroma of tonight’s dinner, although that mother serves her children with a smile, on the inside she has no idea how she will provide tomorrow’s dinner.

What is faith? It is the resistance that young lady has to not conform to the world: plunge her cleavage just so or shortening her skirt just right. Yes, as another year passes and another birthday has gone.  She chooses to patients wait for her day to experience love sent by God.

What is faith… It is the substance of things HOPED for. It is the evidence of things NOT seen.

Yes, I am starting to understand…

Faith is present in so many different forms, in different ways… But in the end all faith looks the same. Faith look like the determination to push, to KEEP PUSHING pass the pain.




7 Things ALL singles need to know Sermon By Bishop TD Jakes

(*)Indicates all of my personal insight on what I took from the sermon

  1. Deepen your relationship with Christ.
  •  *You have to be able to talk to God about every area in your life. He already knows everything about you but the relationship is important to establish so that you can know how to give yourself to relationships on this earth. A true personal relationship with Christ will give you a mirror (the word of God) to some of the things that you may need to address prior to rendering yourself to any relationship.

2. Seek a whole life as a single person. You can not wait to live your life until your mate arrives.

  • *You experience life through knowledge and moving forward with your current circumstances. You can not expect God to feel your vessel to the capacity of over flow if you are reserving areas for your future mate. You can not pray for life full of joy and peace but you are living life as a 1/2 individual because you are single. You have to give Him every void in your life so that IF your mate never arrives you can be content as a single person–living life to the fullest and allowing God to grow and develop you pass your current circumstances. You have to be whole prior to meeting someone because if anything happens that results in you no longer being with that person, you will still be whole because you entered that relationship whole.

3. Set a guard on your heart. Out of your heart flows the issues of life.

  • *Giving your heart to someone is a serious matter. Give it to the wrong person it can set you back years trying to recover from the damage. Bishop Jakes stated you shouldn’t go into a relationship saying “don’t hurt me”. I completely agree with that on so many levels. Some individuals are not aware that they will hurt you until they are in front of the temptation that draws their senses to be altered. And then there are others who they goal in life is to take and conquer all that their flesh desire. You getting hurt is collateral damage to them getting what they needed at the time. No one has the ability to read a person’s mind on a first date. INSTEAD- if we pray a covering over our mind and heart and ask God for guidance with every date and every step of the relationship, we will no sooner than later if this relationship is for or against the will God has in our life. This all seems very spiritual but after dating the wrong individuals and investing my time and heart in every relationship–this method has become vital to my life because I honestly don’t think I can survive (emotionally any how) another dead-end relationship. My 20s, every date was a possibility of my soul mate… well that got really old and exhausting by my 30s. Guarding my heart until I receiving confirmation to present my heart to the right person gave me a sense of protection and allowed me to feel less vulnerable to being over exposed too soon.

4. Develop interest beyond work, school, church, and home. All are important but you need to be able to hold a decent conversation.

  • * After speaking to many married couples, it turned out that many met while doing something they really enjoy such as working out, traveling, or 2 stepping (dancing). I have learned  that some of the things I enjoy such as hiking is not something that everyone enjoys. So if I can meet someone doing something that I enjoy, I wont have such a hard time trying to get them to join me if we start dating. Secondly, if I have dabbled and experienced different things that others may have never considered, while we are getting to know each other through conversation, my interest should attract them are expel them– either way I am 100% ok with if its going to filter out future heartache for me.

5. Avoid people who seek to control and silence your personality.

  • * Nothing is worse than, living at your home in chains. You want to be free in life. You do not want to “dumb down” your conversations all the time. You don’t want to tame your personality because someone else do not like it. I have a strong philosophy of, if I do not like someone’s personality I wont try to correct it or alter it, I just limit my time with them. I can tolerate anyone for at least 30 minutes. At 31 minutes I tend to get irritated so I will be as nice as possible or silent as possible the first 30 minutes then I excuse myself and leave. If I have that mindset, I will not connect myself with anyone that I do not like their personality. I can interact with you, I can work with you, I can even worship with you, but you will never be invited in my personal space. If I meet anyone who they do not like my personality, I apply the same rules. I will respect them but I will not willingly invite that person in my personal space so they can attempt to alter or control my personality. Your personality is representation of your “life walk”. Your child hood experiences, all of your happy moment, all of your deep pains help to develop your personality. A personality can change because of life, but it should never change because of someone’s attempt to control you.

6. Respect marriage so you don’t reap it.

  • * Simple interpretation of that: what comes around goes around. What ever seed you plant, will eventually yield some type of fruit, good or bad. I WONT BE SMILING TEETH TO TEETH IN ANYONE’S FACE THAT’S MARRIED BECAUSE I WONT HAVE THAT WHEN IM MARRIED.

7. Live and budget within your means.

  • *Marriage should be a positive gain for both individuals. It’s already going to be an adjustment trying to incorporate a “grown” human into your life. With a baby or a dog,  you tend to tolerate a little more, but a grown person– that’s a huge process. So it’s not smart to bring any debt into the marriage. Credit score is viewed to see how responsible an individual is with their finances. We all make mistakes in our 20s, but what’s your current financial plans and layout. Are you paying your bills? Do you prefer a shiny car over a stable home? All of these things are important to me however credit score do not determine if I will date you. Living circumstance however do. It represents if you have any stability in your life. Will you be stable in a relationship? All things I have learned the hard way. I will never expect anything from anyone that I am not willing to offer. When we date, you will see I value a stable home and paid bills over fancy shoes and purses. I will not have to “tell” someone what I value the same as they will not have to “tell” me their financial circumstances. I will be able to see if they are living within their means.


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